When a New Home Comes with an Amazing Community!

June 29, 2020

Buying a home is an arduous process—filled with design decisions and selecting the right floor plan. The home you select, whether you are building, buying a newly built home, or a formally owned home, requires a good deal of mental and physical effort.

The other piece of the puzzle is the location of the home. Many times, you search for the ideal home and cross your fingers and hope the neighborhood will work for you. You may not be as diligent in knowing and understanding the neighborhood as you are about the home you are purchasing.

Luckily, we do know the community of Walker Villas, and we understand when you build or buy here, you are getting the best of the best. Walker Villas is a community that stands above the others, partly due to the quality craftsmanship of our homes and our location in the Marysville area. Nestled in the larger upscale community of Walker Meadows, yet close to all amenities. But it’s more than that–it’s the feeling you get when you drive into the neighborhood. This neighborhood will work for you and here’s why!

  • You’ll never be alone. Walker Villas is filled with caring, compassionate people.
  • Social gatherings are the norm around here! There is frequently something happening—walking on the paths, dinners or cocktail parties, porch gatherings, dining out, bike rides, and chatting together on front porches.
  • Our patios are designed for entertaining. With ample space undercover, weather elements aren’t an issue. Many of our homeowners opt to build the extended patio and some have enclosed their patios with retractable screens. The way our condos are situated—you won’t see your neighbors on their patio from your patio. We take pride in creating pockets of privacy when creating our homes.
  • During times like we’ve been dealing with this spring and summer, living near people and being able to social distance is important. You can connect, talk, and still be apart, if necessary.
  • Marysville is an incredibly friendly small town and there is always plenty to do. Our location is just a short drive to the center of town, which has many restaurants, shopping, and community events.

Our homeowners have been through the process of building or buying a home here in Walker Villas. Not only do they love their homes, they love this community. The feelings of comfort, safety, friendliness, and security come through in their testimonials about our community and what they appreciate about living here.

Our homeowners–what they have to say about living in Walker Villas. 
  • “It's quiet but close to town! We love the trails meandering throughout the Walker Meadows neighborhood that we are nestled in and have met great new neighbors in Walker Villas and Walker Meadows. It’s nice to be tucked inside this lovely neighborhood.” ~ Kathleen and Paul
  • “Take a walk around and see that you are in a small community of very friendly neighbors.” ~ Brian and Linda
  • “We also love how safe we feel here. With my husband traveling for work, it’s nice to know that there is always someone close by! I wouldn’t hesitate to talk someone into living here!” ~ Sandy
  • “Our friends and family can be with us or sitting at the kitchen island or on the terrace and we’re still all in one space. This home will be great for entertaining-it’s all about the layout!” ~ Pam and Ted
  • “We really like that it is a smaller and very private development nestled inside the larger high-end community of Walker Meadows and we are looking forward to further exploring the neighborhood and getting to know Marysville a little better. We were quite surprised and excited to discover that we already know a few of the neighbors–a “small world”experience for sure! ~ Karen and Paul
  • “I know a few of the neighbors and am looking forward to getting to know them better. We travel and love the idea that the exterior maintenance of the home is always taken care of. It’s so much easier to leave and come back to our home now.” ~ Barb and Le 
  • “My husband and I come home and at least weekly ask ourselves,“Did we do the right thing?” “What do we miss?” and I can tell you honestly the answer is always “yes” and “we miss nothing”! Memories travel with you so while we raised our two children in the home we left and the only home we owned, we truly have no regrets.” ~ Sarah and Paul

Our homeowners know that Walker Villas is more than houses on a street. Walker Villas is a community where neighbors look after neighbors, stop and talk with each other, feel a sense of privacy and peace, and know that what they’ve found is special.

Choosing a new home is such an exciting time and living in an amazing community is the icing on the cake. Find out more about our home plans. We know you’ll love our homes and our Walker Villas community. Want to know more about our Walker Villas community?