We’re Retired-Now What?

August 28, 2019

It’s finally here, it’s almost here, or maybe it’s been here for awhile - retirement! You’ve been dreaming of it, preparing for it, waiting for it and now what?  Enjoy what you’ve earned!

Since many of our homeowners who are interested in building a luxury ranch condominium home, are retired or close to retirement, we hear them speak about their options, opportunities and dreams.  The one constant we hear is…“do what makes you happy!  Here are some of their suggested ideas.


Time and time again, we hear the phrase, “now I have time to volunteer.” Using your time and talents to give back is a satisfying and productive way to spend your time. Tap into a passion and discover what volunteer opportunities are available. The possibilities are everywhere.  Identify what matters to you and then look forward to living the experience.

Post Career:

Was the job you had up until retirement the one? Or do you wish you’d been able to do something different? Now is the time to evaluate the start of your second act and have the job you enjoy. Do you want to do something that sounds fun or interesting? Or maybe you just desire to try something new to earn a little spending money.  A post career can provide satisfaction and keep you productive, engaged, and active.


Now that your time isn’t limited by the constraints of a job, you can pick the where and when you spend that time away.  Will you take an extended vacation and fulfill those bucket list destinations you’ve dreamed about?  When living in one of our communities, you can leave the worries of exterior maintenance behind; thus appreciating the convenience of locking and leaving your home at any time throughout the year. Read here about No Exterior Maintenance.


Will you live the same lifestyle or make some changes? If you were always on the go with a demanding job and family needs, you can now focus on your plans. Take up a new hobby, read those books that keep piling up, do the activities you have put off, learn something new, exercise, take up that instrument you used to play, have more parties, or just do nothing - you get the idea.  

Be a Mentor:

Do you have a skill or specialized knowledge you can share with a younger person? Many young people would appreciate benefiting from your past experiences.

Spend Time With Friends:

Has your friend circle dwindled over time or is it still vibrant? It’s important to stay connected. Find those with common interests or seek out people you want to get to know. Take time to get together, travel together, play games, or just spend time doing something you love.

A New Home:

Our experience from building luxury ranch condominiums has taught us that the reasons for buying a new home are as different as the people we speak with daily, whether this step be taken before or after retiring.  Moving to be closer to family, building a ranch home to avoid steps, finding a right sized home, eliminating exterior maintenance, living in a community, or meeting new friends; the list is endless.  Although we are “tooting our own horn here”, this is what we can offer you. Read our blog "Are You Missing Out?" to learn more.

Retirement is that golden season of life to enjoy well-earned time at a more relaxed pace; getting to do what you want, when you want. Have a great retirement and live the lifestyle you choose!