The Advantages of Living in a Walker Villas Ranch Home

May 7, 2019

Single level living - is it for you?

With what we have learned through the years we have compiled the following list of the advantages of single level living. We hope that this list can help you determine whether single level living is right for you.

Benefits of the Ranch Home Living

You get more living space per square foot since there are no stairs to take up precious space.

Interior room design comes in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize the interior so that it can function as you need it to work for you.

Varying ceiling heights and design options are available in a single level home. Your home will be as aesthetically pleasing as you want.

There isn’t a need for extra bathrooms, which can create more space in other rooms. This isn’t something most people think about, but there’s no need for a powder room, which you’d have to have in a two-story home.

Maintenance is easier when cleaning gutters, accessing the roof, cleaning windows, and hanging decorative lights. All you need is a normal ladder-not that unwieldy extension ladder!

Plumbing and electricity lines are run efficiently and compactly, saving you money and energy.

Safety might be something you haven’t thought about but with no stairs you eliminate a common fall risk for you, your kids, and your grandkids.

With all of the living on the same level, heating and air conditioning temperatures can work more efficiently. No more heating and cooling seldom used rooms or trying to get the upstairs to a comfortable temperature.

Simplify Your Life

Single level living provides you the option to age in place since there isn’t a second floor, which typically is where bedrooms are located. The stairs are eliminated, rooms are easily accessed, and zero-entry makes it easy to get in and out of your home.

Laundry and bathrooms are easily accessible for all. No more laundry trips up or down the stairs!

With the bedrooms on the same level as the living areas, there’s no going up the stairs to get something you forgot or to change your clothes before heading out for your walk.

With a single level home the outside can be accessed easily by simply adding a door. We build our homes with optional porches and patios, allowing you to have more than just one patio or porch so that you can see and enjoy the outdoor views from more areas of your home.

Let’s face it-a single level home is easier to clean. No lugging cleaning supplies or a sweeper up and down the stairs.

We build our condos and homes with you in mind. Are you ready for a simpler lifestyle with a no-step, single level home? We specialize in creating homes that make your life easier and better! Not your average ranch home of old, our condos fit your lifestyle and your needs with ease. We offer different home plans that can be customized to your needs and wants. At Walker Villas, we offer you quality, value, and attention to detail in all of our luxury condos.