Right Size Your Life – What to Consider When Moving

June 3, 2019

Are you ready to right size and move into a condo? Knowing “why” you are right sizing will help you make thoughtful plans, decisions, and goals. Is your current home too big or too small, do you want to be able to travel, have no exterior maintenance, move closer to family, live on a single floor, find a better floorplan than your existing home, or another reason? We have so many reasons to want to make a change like this and here at Walker Villas in Marysville, OH, we get it. Right sizing is a path that can create a lifestyle to uniquely fit your needs and wants. We have compiled some things you should think about and consider when you’re planning to right size to a new home.  

Don’t wait too long:

Move while you have strength, energy, and good health. Plan ahead and move while it is a lifestyle choice, not a necessity. Maybe you’re ready to spend more time exploring, relaxing living your best life, not doing yard work, or exterior chores. Are you looking ahead and planning to age in place? Living in a single story home with zero entry doors and showers is a consideration you might want to make.

Don’t move all of your furniture and collected items:

Now is the time to get rid of years of furniture and collected items that you have accumulated. You probably won’t want to move everything to your new home, so get your kids to take things, schedule a pickup from a donation spot, or have a garage sale or estate sale.

·     What memorabilia can you part with?

·     What do you need and want in your new home?

·     What can’t you part with?

·     What do you really need in your new kitchen?

·     Do you need all of those old bathroom towels?

·     What collectibles and artwork will you have room for?

·     Think about all of your yard and lawn items-you might want to keep gardening supplies since your patio is a great place for flowering pots.

You may need to practice some tough love (or this may be just the impetus you are looking for), but clearing your home out now will help you (and your kids) in the future. You might be surprised that furnishing and decorating your home with just the items you love and cherish provides you with more focus.

Measure your new rooms and make a plan:

Measuring the rooms in your new home will help you decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Or maybe it’s time to buy some new furniture? Spend time with the floor plans or the new home and decide how each room is going to be utilized. Our condos have options for customized living spaces, expanded kitchens and a variety of porch options. Most of our plans offer a 2nd-floor living space with options for expanded storage areas to be used however you want. Taking time to measure and make plans and understand how you are going to use the rooms will make a big difference!

Know what you want to do:

When right sizing to our luxury condos, you can lock the door and head out for months at a time. We are the epitome of carefree living! We’re here to cut the grass, rake the leaves, and shovel snow. If you’re ready to live in a home with no stairs - a condo will help you in that aspect.  Maybe you’re ready for more time for hobbies, your favorite (or new) activities, and time to spend with friends and family? Would a move to a right size home help you free up time?


Walker Villas is located within the Walker Meadows community in Marysville, OH. Walker Meadows features a walking path throughout the entire community, ponds, and eight acres of open space. You’re minutes from downtown Marysville and only 20 minutes from Dublin. Amazing restaurants, great shopping, and entertainment are all close by.

The decision to right size is extremely personal and depends on many factors. Make a conscious decision to choose a lifestyle that works for you now and in the future. We’re here to help you decide if one of our luxury ranch condos in Walker Villas is right for you. Our premier lifestyle community could just help make your decision easier!