Overnight Guests? Make Them Feel Special and Welcome.

December 12, 2019

When family or friends come to stay overnight, it’s a great touch (and a nice idea) to make them feel special. Luckily, our Walker Villas luxury ranch-style homes have plenty of room for you to entertain guests who are just staying overnight or for a few days comfortably. But just providing a bed for them to sleep in is just the beginning. By adding a few personal touches, you may make your home so inviting and guests feeling so special that they won’t want to leave!

Make the Bed:

This may seem obvious, but having the bed made with clean sheets sends a message that you’re glad your guests are here in your home. Make the bed before your guests arrive so as to not make them feel as though you are being inconvenienced. Even your family appreciates having the beds made before they get to your home! Extra blankets and pillows will keep everyone’s needs met.

Provide and Pamper:

Your guests will feel cared for with plush towels set out in the bathroom. Although most of us travel with what we need, it is thoughtful to provide toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. just for your guests’ use. Put those travel-size bottles gathered from hotel stays to good use! As the host, think about what you’d like to have available for you if you forgot to pack something. Keep an extra roll of toilet paper visible. Place a few water bottles or glasses in the bathroom and beside the bed to keep your guests from having to go to the kitchen at night to get a drink. Set out a carafe of fresh water as a simple way to let your guests know they are welcome.

Staying For a Few Days:

If your guests are staying for more than a quick overnight, make sure there is room in the closet (with hangers) and a drawer or two empty and ready. Some people detest living out of a suitcase. Offering space for them to put clothes away is a perfect welcoming touch. A luggage rack or ottoman also provides a place to keep suitcases off of the floor and out of the way. How about a robe and slippers? Most of us don’t pack those items, but wouldn’t that make family or friends feel extra special?

We’re Happy to Have You Here:

What can you do to make your traveling guests’ bedroom feel warm and inviting? Flowers in a vase, some magazines or books by the bed, a candle and lighter, or maybe some chocolates on the pillow are all special touches. Is your guest a night owl or bedtime reader? Provide a lamp by the bed or chair to create good reading light. Have outlets accessible for charging phones and laptops. Better yet, buy an inexpensive charging station so multiple devices can charge at the same time. Provide a list with the Wi-Fi information and any door and alarm codes. If needed, give your guests their own set of keys so they can come and go without you.

Light the Way:

Keep in mind that although you may be used to your home at night, your guests are not. A nightlight in the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen will help your guests maneuver when it’s dark. What about the curtains or blinds in the guest room? Are they purely decorative or will they keep out morning light and evening views?

Where Are They Off to Next?

Where are your guests heading next? Do they need a ride to the airport? If they’re on a road trip, provide some snacks and drinks for the road. Many guests won’t ask although they may want to run a load of laundry, use a computer, make a grocery run, or have other needs, so anticipate and offer.

Food and Drink:

Know your guests’ favorite foods and drinks and have them on hand. Let them know that they’re welcome to get food and drinks without having to ask. If everyone gets up at different times, have ready-to-go breakfast items available like fruit, yogurt, pastries, juice, and freshly made coffee. Set out dishes, silverware, and glasses the night before so no one has to dig through your cupboards. If you can, plan meals ahead of time with your guests so that you know of any preferences, dislikes, or dietary restrictions they might have.

Have a Plan:

Depending on who is coming to your home and why, you might want to have a plan for some activities. It’s one thing if someone is just staying for the night, but if for several days, have some options and ideas for things to do. Do your legwork and find out what’s happening around town. What movies are playing, what restaurants are a must go-to, where do your guests love to shop, is a spa day needed, or what have they asked to do? Make a list and let the conversation fly!

A little planning and thought can go a long way for making your guests feel like they are being pampered. Just incorporating a few of these ideas will make a difference and will be the welcoming touch you’re searching for. Our Walker Villas ranch-style luxury condominiums have large second bedrooms with adjoining baths that make perfect getaways for your guests. Some of our homes even have a 2nd floor Grand Suite, which is a perfect place for your guests to call their own. Visit us to see for yourself why we think our homes are pretty special. Although you may not be able to try an overnight stay, our on-site realtors, Joe and Patty with RE/MAX Town Center will make you feel special and welcomed.