Living in Walker Villas - Meet Bill and Sandy!

November 6, 2018

Name: Bill and Sandy Cox

How long have you lived in Walker Villas?

We have been in our new home for a year. We signed the contract for the house two years ago but took our time having it built and moving in. Our daughter lives in Marysville, so it’s nice to be close to her.

We came out to visit here in Marysville and fell in love with this town. It feels safe. This little town is so personable. We started looking around at homes and that led us to Walker Meadows, the community that is around Walker Villas, and we were only looking at houses. We didn’t think we wanted to live in a condo. We went to look at the condos just to make our Realtor happy and we fell in love instantly with the condo! It is just perfect-the size, the layout, the one floor, and it is so solidly built. Even though there is another condo attached on one side, we don’t hear a thing. That’s how well built they are. The patios are separated, so that isn’t even a factor!

We live in the Captiva. We built it with the upstairs Grand Suite and have chosen to just use it as an attic, which is so much cleaner than storing things in a basement. We didn’t have it finished (other than painted and a floor put in), but the plumbing is roughed in, so a new owner could have it upgraded to be another bedroom or living area. The garage in the Captiva is huge too, providing even more storage.

What do you love most about living in Walker Villas?

It is so quiet and there isn’t much traffic. Even with kids in the surrounding development, we hardly even hear them. We love sitting outside!

Since my husband is now a full-time musician playing banjo with Remington Ryde and is gone a lot of the year, he loves the fact that when he’s home he doesn’t have to mow or shovel snow. Everything is taken care of, which we really love. We also love how safe we feel here. With him being gone, it’s nice to know that there is always someone close by!

How was your experience building in Walker Villas?

We couldn’t have asked for better or nicer builders. Everything they build with and use is of high quality. From the baseboards to the doors and everything in between, we couldn’t be happier with the products they use to build their homes.

It was easy to talk to them, especially Tim Haid. We were able to make changes and upgrade and tweak the floor plan a little bit to make it work perfectly for us. They helped us every step of the way and did extra things for us that we didn’t even have to ask for.

What is your favorite aspect of your home and why?

The Great Room. The kitchen is open to it and everything is visible and accessible. If I’m in the kitchen making dinner everyone is able to be together talking and sharing. The open concept makes it feel bigger. The bedrooms are off to the side, which enhances the open feel of the Great Room.

What advice would you give someone planning to move to Walker Villas?

Build the Captiva with the upstairs suite for more storage or more space if you need it. It will help with resale. In that regard, we also love living here due to the quality of the homes surrounding us in the Walker Meadows community. They are quality homes, which will only help the continued value of our home.

We love our home so much. The Captiva has so many windows on the side and we have a great deal of natural light. We had the extra sitting room added to the bedroom so I could use it for my quilting. I had Tim close the opening a little more than it is in the plan, making it more of a separate room. In the future, I will be able to put a barn door across it if I want. I have so many windows in the room, making it perfect for my sewing.

Really look at the floor plans and plan for the space you think you’re going to need. A few other things we would recommend are to install the stained glass front door to bring more light in and build it with the covered porch. A lot of the people have the fireplace on the porch too.

I wouldn’t hesitate to talk someone into living here!