Does Kindness Matter?…How You Can Spread Kindness!

February 12, 2020

Did you know that February 16-23 is National Random Acts of Kindness Week? That’s right - this week is promoted by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation to encourage everyone from school age children to the very oldest of us to be considerate at school, home, work, and anywhere we interact with others.

Being kind is always a positive way to approach a conversation, a request, or an action. Spreading good actions, deeds and reactions will not only help you feel better, it’s a great opportunity to make someone’s day!

But don’t stop at just being kind this one week – make it your goal for the whole year! What can you do to ramp up your thoughtfulness? We’re glad you asked and here at Walker Villas, we’ve done the research, talked with others, and created a list of “Kindness Matters” ideas.

Kindness Matters

Pay it forward:

Have you ever had anyone pay for your coffee or a road toll? Didn’t that make you feel happy? What can you pay for? A coffee, someone’s groceries, a movie ticket, a student’s lunch at school? It doesn’t have to be a big amount; just a kind gesture to let someone know they’ve been thought about.

Be part of the community:

Can you volunteer? Schools, the local thrift store and food bank, or an animal shelter are always looking for volunteers. Make a child’s day by listening to them read. Hand out food with a smile and a word of encouragement, or help sort and organize clothing and food. Time spent serving others and giving smiles is a great way to spread kindness.

Your neighborhood is also your community. Bring up someone’s trash cans or paper. Drop off cookies to a new neighbor or to someone you just know needs an emotional boost. Pick up wayward trash, offer to bring in someone’s mail or watch their house while they are on vacation, or drop off notes and food to the nearby fire station. Anything you do will have a positive impact.

Compliments and thanks:

A simple thank you to a clerk, neighbor, spouse, or anyone you come in contact with goes a long way. We tend to get caught up in our own world and often forget that those with whom we interact may be having a bad day. Be thoughtful about the compliments you give and be sure they will be meaningful to the receiver! A sincere compliment is an endorphin boost for both the giver and the receiver.

Good deeds:

What do you wish someone would do for you? Do that for someone else. Hold the door, clean up the office kitchen, fold the laundry so your spouse doesn’t have to, smile and say good morning, take a photo for someone trying to take a selfie, bring flowers to your significant other or a friend, be kind while driving, leave a larger tip than expected for your server, or give a small gift card to the mailman, garbage workers, or others that help you – the list is endless.


We all love to receive “good” mail and it just doesn’t happen frequently enough. Do you look through the mail and wish there was something fun or unexpected? Write a note to people that have impacted your life and send it in the mail! We know of someone who mailed out 10 notes to friends and former colleagues and interestingly enough, each one of those people reached back out to tell her how much the note meant to them. Talk about the power of the pen!

How can you spread kindness and what can you do for others? Being considerate isn’t hard, although it might take some effort to make it a conscious part of your day. Here at Walker Villas, we take kindness seriously and do our best to ensure our community experience is the best it can be through interactions with our potential clients and homeowners. We love sharing our community, our tips, and our information with you.

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