Building in Walker Villas - Meet Pam, Ted, & Emma!

August 26, 2019

Pam, Ted, and Emma are excited about their new home and lifestyle. We're busy building their new home and can't wait for them to move into the neighborhood. We are creating the home they really wanted, with many customizations.

Why did you choose to build in Walker Villas?

My husband has a new job that he loves. However, his office is in California. Our daughter is still in high school and we didn’t want to move her to California for her last year. So we decided to move to a smaller home (for us) that has no exterior maintenance, no mowing, and no shoveling snow. This way, when our daughter graduates and goes to college, I can lock it up and leave with no worries. I can go to California or we can go visit our other kids or travel. This home in Walker Villas was the only one of its kind we could find in the Marysville school district.

What are you looking forward to most about living in Walker Villas and why?

We love both the layout and the location! My daughter and I will be able to find each other and talk easily with this home’s open layout. Coming from a larger home, we sometimes had to text to find each other! We love that someone is taking care of the lawn and the outside of the home. Moving from our 4-acre homesite, we’re looking forward to living in a community with neighbors and meeting new people. We’re also grateful that our daughter to not have to drive as far anymore or have to drive on really busy roads.

What customizations are being made in your new home?

·     We are adding the 2nd floor Grand suite for our daughter to have her own space. When the older kids come to visit, there will be plenty of space for them, which is very important to us.

·     We moved the fireplace to make it more centered for us to put furniture around it. We are changing it to a linear fireplace and are looking forward to spending time in front of it.

·     We had concrete counters in our last home and will be doing the same in this home with the installation of a concrete island.

·     The arches will be removed and will just be square openings, which we prefer.

·     We are putting in a large sliding glass door (instead of windows and a door) to the patio to open up all of the space from the great room to the outside terrace.

·     The mudroom will be one big room.

·     Instead of a plain concrete pad on our patio, we took the concrete down to the aggregate. We love this look.

·     We added a pantry by taking some of the space from the master closet.

How has your experience been so far in regards to the build and why?

It’s been great. Joe and Patty are so kind as to send us updates. They send us texts with photos and the progress. Their communication with us is easy and all of our questions are answered. This is the 5th house we have built. Being able to customize this home made all of the difference in the world. If they had not allowed us to customize, we probably wouldn’t be building now. This is why we went with building here in Walker Villas with Grand Traditions, the next generation of Jimenez Haid Custom Builders. It has cost us a little more money, but for us it’s important.

What do you think will be your favorite aspect of your home and why?

I love the great room and the idea we can sit around the fireplace. Our friends and family can be with us or sitting at the kitchen island or on the terrace and we’re still all in one space. Our baby grand piano will even fit in this area. This home will be great for entertaining-it’s all about the layout!

What advice would you give someone planning to build in Walker Villas?

You have to do what you want, decide what your family dynamic is, and live in a place that fits your current lifestyle. We want to be where we can leave and not worry about mowing the grass or shoveling snow. Do what’s best for you. This kind of lifestyle is not for everyone. We want a place that is safe, where we can lock the door and leave for extended periods of time, where our adult children feel welcome, and where we can begin our next chapter!