Our Partnership with Residential Designed Solutions

July 1, 2020

We are fortunate to work with one of the best home designers in the Columbus, Ohio area, Jim Wright and his team at Residential Designed Solutions. Our partnership is one of mutual respect, many years of collaborating, and a vision for the future and the homes we want to build. We recently sat down with Jim and asked him his thoughts about working with us.

Name: Jim Wright, owner, Residential Designed Solutions

How is your experience working with Jimenez-Haid Custom Builders?

We have worked with Brian and the Jimenez-Haid team for over twenty-five years and have enjoyed every minute of it! Brian always challenges us to push the design to a higher level while trying to keep costs contained. It can be a real challenge, but this is what makes his homes stand out as “special”.  

What services do you provide to JHCB?

We provide design and construction documents, renderings and 3D modeling for his homes.

What do you like best about working with Jimenez-Haid Custom Builders?

They are all great people who are easy to work with and communicate well with each other and with us, making our work easier and enjoyable. We look forward to each new collaborative project.

How are challenges/issues/decisions/questions handled and communicated?

Every new custom home is like prototype manufacturing, so there can be a few unforeseen questions that come up during construction. We handle these questions together by routinely discussing options, structural questions, costs and the best long-term solution for each issue as it arises. Two-way communication is critical and a normal part of our interactions with the entire Jimenez-Haid team.

What has Jimenez-Haid Custom Builders built for you and your clients?

In most cases, the clients have approached Brian first, as the builder, due to his land/lot availability and we begin our design conversation after he has met with them several times to determine the best direction to proceed. We have worked with Brian on everything from 1,400 square foot single family patio homes to custom homes of over 10,000 square feet. Each and everyone is designed and built to be uniquely suited to the individual client’s wants and wish list. We work together to create a special home for each client.

Would you use Jimenez-Haid Custom Builders again to build the homes you design? Why?

There is an attention to detail evident in Brian’s homes that make it obvious he is very much invested in the success and quality of each home he builds. Trim details are thought through early in the design process so that if need be, we can finesse our design to make the details and cabinetry work perfectly on the interior. Exterior details receive an equal amount of attention, so they enhance the home with the special touches that say, “This is a Jimenez-Haid home”!

Is there anything additional you would like us to know?

This is a great team (including all subs and vendors), with amazing folks, and stunning homes!

We value all of our relationships and look forward to building many more custom homes in collaboration with Jim Wright and his team at Residential Designed Solutions. If we can help you build your dream home, give us a call. We have several homesites available in the Dublin area on which to build your custom home or we can build a home on your lot.